Figma, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, and Visual Design


Speculative mobile app for a user who takes notes on their phone.

Create a mobile web-based notes app that will amaze and delight the design community.
1. High-fidelity designs of the main screens.
2. Showcase one key transition and the interactions for one screen.
3. Add something fun/playful to create delight.

Design an easy-to-use app for notetakers on their phones.

Product + UI Designer

6 Hours
User Research + Key Findings

Good UI, easy to use
Allow for photos to be taken
Some features are locked behind subscriptions (like the number of linked devices allowed)
Apple Notes

Automatic syncing
Free and already built-in to Apple product
Simple to use
Not as many features
No version history
Microsoft OneNote
Popular as you can add more subcategories than Evernote
Allows cross-platform saving and free storage space
Ability to scan pictures and documents for text
Clunky UI which can get cluttered
The free version doesn't have all the features
Main Objectives + Beginning User Research
Understand this market and the importance of note-taking within the community.
Understand users’ mental models and behaviors around note-taking.
Discover the limitations of current note-taking strategies and pain points.
Identify if users need other features other than notes.
Information Gathered Through Synthesizing Research

Users have different methodologies for taking notes. Some like the scatter plot method, while others like to write chronologically.
Users want an app that is easy to use. Sometimes having a lot of features/bells and whistles is to the detriment of ease of use.
Users want subcategories and the ability to link notes.
Quick Wins
Allow for many subcategories for notes.
Allow for different notes to be linked.
Easy upload of media.
Hi-Fi Design
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